Monday, May 30, 2011

Im moving to a new blog , my new link is do follow me guys :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goodnight everyone ,

Sleep tight! have a beautiful dream :) and don't forget to study okay ? right atfer this i have to study laa with my sister then pack my bag hehe then sleeep :) haaa neway , sorry monday i don't know why , i hate you laa so much! hehe sorry , so byee bye everyone . Takecare , thank you for reading , thank you for following me byee byee Love you , Btw To all mother's out there Happy Mother's Day eventhough its late edy , hehe and to my mummy happy mother's day too! i love youuu :)

Peace :B

Mummy :)


I just wanna say i love you , yeah no matter what you are my one and only in this world :) hehe thank you for always being there for me when nobody did , thank you for understanding all my situation , thank you for everything!!!! Thank you for always be a good mummy , a good friend , a good bestfriend , a good listener , thank you for being a good teacher to me :) i appreciate it so much! wait i appreciate all those single things you did to me mummy :) Eventhough you annoyed us with your voice , hehe but its okay hehe :) that help me so much! hehe you are the coooolest mummy in the world ! hihi , believe it or not haa ? you better believeee mummy :B Takecare okay ? remember ayah , kakak and adik will always be beside you where ever you go kay mummy ? hehe :)

I promised i will study hard no more playing around hehe , im sorry if i did something wrong to you , or did something you didn't like or what haaa , sorry! i didn't mean it , seriously :) You are not like other mom out there , you are different :) When we are going out , you are my one and only 'dresses finder' haha you are good about fashion than me , believe it! :) hehe im so proud of you :) okay , haa im sorry if i always annoyed you haa cause i love to annoy people hihi :B i love to eat your Asam pedas home cook :) eventhough bibik cooked for us asam pedas , but i don't like , i like yours! cause its so sedappp and spicyy! haha , wait! i love everything that you cooked cause its so deliciosooo! haha u are good at cooking , packing house , good at everythings! hehe you are like superwomen! haha not superman but SUPER WOMENN! Yeayyy! #giveaclap hehe :)

Haha , mummy thank you for buying all those thinggy that i wanted , eventhough it so expensive or cheap , i love you :) hehe just wanna say , adik loves you so muchh like so much! no one can lawann hehe :) okay takecare smile always :) coooool always! and one more thing! i just wanna say


With all love :)
Adik/Marissa :)
Hhaaha im missing this moment maynnn! dammit , wait till next year okay ? chiowwww!

Mobile Uploads

Hehe most of the photos gambar we all dgn mummy kan ? hehe that is because i love you mummy hehe :)

Mother's Day Out


Hee see that ? hehe yeahh , why ? we all went to pizza hut lepas my guitar class hehe thank you mummy i love you okay ? hehe , kay me totally love my red sweatshirt! hehe sukanyaaa! kay so don't go anywhere i'll post another blog so waitt! hehe i'll be backk :D

Love Marissa :)