Sunday, November 28, 2010

* More pictures , haiyaaa facebook okayy ? Haha :)

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2010 Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

Yooo , Waddduppp ? hehe okayy hello guyss :) do you still remember my previous post about guitar ? haaa ? okayy hehe i just got my guitarrr ! hehe and im so so so happy laa :) thanks mummy and ayahh Love youuu :)

Hehe i can't wait to learn how to play guitar aiyaaa :) hehe and and im very excited about this guitar haha i dunno why :) heee and my guitar is blackkkkk and i love it ! hehe okayy mummy ayah thanks okay for the guitar and im very very i appreciate it :) hee love youuuu ,

Hello , Biee happy anny okayy ? hehe iloveyousomuch hehe and and im happy with youu :) hehe okayy we have been together for 395 days 9480 hours :) hehe im so happyyyyyy whooooop ! this is our 13 months anniversary aiteee ? hehe woooo :) Okay what ever it is i just wanna sayy i lovee youu bieeeee :)

Heyy , Check This Out Mann , It's So Cooool Haha :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nabilah Afiqah Azmi ,

Hehe thank youuu awak for teaching mee okayy ? hehe i love youuuu sayanggg :) muahh muahhh

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whoooop ! here's some pictures at the Sushi Kinggg :) hehe and we had so much much funnn , Thanks Mummy Love youuuu :)

Hoomygawddd , is this myspace ? hahaha it's not like the old myspace anymore , haha aitee ? and and just now i have nothing to do , then i search haha and and i type my email and my password haha and and oh my godddd ! i don't even remember my myspace password haha , it's been a long time i didn't online my myspace account haha , okay haaa yeahh and and and really seriously shit everythings change mannnnn ! haha

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey Girl , If You Don't Like Me , Just Say It Out Okay ? Err You Are So Veryy The Irritating Mannn ==' haaa And And Stop Pretending That You Like Me ==' Its So Annoying And So Fakee Girllllll

Haaa oh my oh my gawddddd , sarah haiyaaa what can i say ? oh my next year you're not in seta anymore aitee ? haaaa im gonna miss you so much friend :| you're moving to pasir gudang kan ? haaaaaaaa , after this the class is not gonna be fun anymore without your silly jokeeee , haaaa it's okay we can still hangout when its school holidays or weekends aitee ? haaa hope so laaa :)

I Hope you'll be alright there okayy babe ? haha have fun yeahh and don't ever forget us yeah :) we had a great time on the last day of school ritee ? weheee :) okay and and lastly study hard yeahh ? hehe fightingggg ! okayy i think thats all so , bye bye iloveyouu and gonna miss youuu sepetttt :)

Hello ,

Haaa hello hello , Firstly thank you for viewing my blog guys :) i appreciate it so much laaa , haaa and and thank you for following my blog yeahhh :) cheers guyss , i love you all and and i hope you'll enjoy reading my bloggggggg , Jyeahhh :)
Hello , today is wednesday , haa oh my oh my me and syaa is currently at home doing nothing ==' yesterday we slept about 6 o'clock in the morning haha hell yeahh im wasting my gorgoeus time watching korean movies . Haaa today we woke up around 2 something in the afternoon oh my oh my gawddddd , haha so ffff-ing tired laaa wehhh ==' haa and today mum's says that she gonna bring us to sushi ? haaa ? oh oh hehe i can't wait after all day doing nothing at home haa finally . okayy that's all hehe :) okayy hehe chiowwww
Hey , Just Wanna Say I Love You And Miss Youu Afandi

Saturday, November 20, 2010

* More Pictures ? Facebook pleaseee :)
May Chin's And May Lien's Birthday