Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last last and the last one!

Hello chemical kids and mechanical bride!

Haha kay coool! this is the last post of the week! hehe tadaaaa * cehh cam gempak sangat je -,- kay see you next fridahh! takecare :) and alhamdulilah , i have done all my homeworks :) haha serve you right syaaa! kauu belum siap lagi kan haha chaiyokkk! kay dah , mummy is reading the newspaper and me ? nahhh! im updating my blog , can't you see ? yaa of course you all can't see mee haha :) kayy im hungerehhh , aigoo! i have to diet laa im getting fatter , believe me :B kay byee byee and don't study hard , study smart haha * My maths teacher always say liddat , haha wanna know why ? because kalau study hard , hard nyaa kau meniru orang buat kerja sekolah kan ? Hahah if study smart , betul laa you all belajar hehe kayyy goodnight my lover!

Peace :D

Amirah Raisudin :)

First , you paste code you yang kat you tube , tu kat mana yang you want laa kan :) Kalw na bwat autoplay , carik words ny &hl=en . carik smpai dpat aww . words ny ad dua so , copy this &autoplay=1 and paste before words yg dh crik tdy . 2 2 kena ltak .

nanti you paste mcm ni

this thing , you have to do betul betul , once salah , dah tak jadi kay ? Gooodluck :B


Hello . Im Marissa , in my favourite shirt :B

Im Marissa
Im a girl , yaa ofcourse
Im Fourteen
Im shy
Im Playing the guitar
Im not into 'groupies'
Im Fat , yaa super fat!
Im not tall , yaa i wish i was a little bit taller
Im Not pretty
Im not perfect, yaa nobodys perfect
Im yours
Im a vampire , so stay away from me Haha
Im A rock girl
Im a perngerusi for red team , kadet remaja sekolah , netball and multimedia
Im a netballers from seta
Im a simple girl
Im cool
Im not clever like you
Im in C class
Im from SETA , if you all know
Im fun
Im Happy
Im sad
Im blur
Im an active person
Im wearing tudung to school
Im a good stalker , beware!

I Love Allah
I Love My mummy
I Love My ayah
I Love My kakak
I Love My Friends
I Love My Afandi
I Love My nenek
I Love My cousins
I Love My Girlfriends
I Love My boyfriends
I Love all my followers
I Love you stalker!
I Love to blogging
I Love Twitter
I Love Tumblr
I Love Facebook (sikit je)
I Love to EATTT!
I Love to play guitar
I Love to sing (in the bathroomonly)
I Love to Dance (in certain placeonly)
I Love to play netball
I Love cool stuffs
I Love the peace thinggy!
I Love Vans
I Love Myself , ofcourse
I Love to talk
I Love to annoy people around me
I Love to laugh
I Love to make new friends :)
I Love Homeworks
I Love sports
I Love to go to school
I Love Nevershoutnever
I Love Piercetheveil
I Love you!
I Love 2 pm
I Love Taecyeon
I Love to watch dream high!
I love to watch cartoon
I Love spongebob
I Love patrick
I Love squidward
I Love mr crab
I Love to do this smiley ':B'
I Love number 7
I Love my New hair
I Love tutti frutti

I Want to wear braces , please mummy ayah :|
I Want to be top 5 in the class
I Want new vans
I Want to play skateboard , but...
I Want to be a superman
I Want to be a billionaire
I Want to play Nsn songs
I Want to play Ptv songs
I Want to dance in the middle of the road
I Want to shout as loud as i can right now
I Want to sleep
I Want new clothes
I Want to be a good girl to my parents :)
I Want Monehhh! $$$$
I Want to be pretty
I Want to be slim
I Want to go to KL again
I Want kakak know how to drive
I Want to go to shopping
I Want to watch glee now!
I Want to be taller , than you!
I Want to meet ayah :|
I Want to finish up my homeworks now -,-
I Want to eat tutti frutti
I Want to rest

Okay this is me :) hehe byee

Peaceee :B

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fatin deesyara

Kay first u buka laa lagu apaa yang u nak then , tekan embed kat bawah tu , then copy that code
then paste laa dekat mana yang you nak , then resize how big you want :)


haha marissa behave yourself! Kay im sorry :) and im now currently listening to PTV so coool and damn handsome! haha :) today is sunday , i hate sunday because its is the last day of the week , yaaaa and damnt it! tomrw i have to go to schoool in the morning , im soo happy -,- hehe btw today is so awesome! after my guitar clss mummy , me and syaa went to hutan bandar to EAT! haha kay im full right now and later i want to sleep then i become fat like you , haha kay coool :B dahh dahh byeee

Peace :B

Biee i miss you :| haa yaa dua duaa busy kann , exam laa macam macam kay whatever it is i loveyouu byee takecare :)

Nahhhh! this is the last post for today , so bye bye takecare don't drink and drive! haha kay tibatiba -,- byeeee goodnight sweet dreams :) see ya tomrw bebehhhh Love you all byee~

Peaceee :B

Im Sorry....

Im Sorry Teachers..
Im Sorry Friends..

Haaa sorry for not coming to school today sakit perut laaa , haaa serious kay , so don't be sad :) see you on monday! you all missed me ? haha admit it bebehh :) kay peace kay ? sorry dello , athirah , yuwita , sheena , aqilah im soo sorry ,

Peace :B

Saturday :)


Kay hello :) hee heres some pictures of me , mummy and syaaa! hee but banyak gambar i laaa kan , who cares ? hee kay :) just now abang wafiq came to our house to makan nasi minyakk , hehe yummeh! thank you mummy :) and just now i made bread pudding :) hehe sedap! kay perasan , yaa of course i made it by myself , hee so ? laa come on laa give a clap to me! hehe *clapclapclap* hehe kay enjoy okay , sorry im not beautiful like you all :| haaa pity me , kay byeee iluffchuu all :)

Peaceeeee :B

Friday, February 18, 2011


do you all know what is this saling sapa ? haha tak tahuuu kan , yaaa that day i read the newspaper , then i found about this saling sapaa . And i was like what the heck is this ? haha this saling sapa was invented by a 13 years old boy from indonesia hahaha :) coool kan ? kay he invented this because katanyaaa facebook nak tutup kan ? is it true ? hehe but i belum buat lagi acc saling sapa ni , haha later laa kay ? kay thats all i can share about this saling sapa :) try laa kalau nak try ---> hehe okay ? boiboi :)
Kay where to find this gorgeous jacket haaaa ? Nice right ? haha i want this please ? hee okay ? me want the red colour :) kay semuaa laa haha over! please ? hehe :)

Talk Talk Talk!


Good Morning okay all?

heee :D doing goood ? kay this week teachers gave us so many homeworks , get it? haaa maigod! everyday ada , tak pernah tkdaa kan ? haaaaa -,- kay damn it damn it damn it! haaa wanna know why ? yaaa we all are not going to the moring session , haiyaaa why ? tell me why ? kay next yer kay , chillex! Just now , i sign in my facebook account , and haaaa friend request so banyak! kay bukan nak belagak laa kay , get it ? and i was like O.o kay i'll apprv you all later kay ? cooool! That day monday i think , nahh! i can't remember teacher ask me to do the lompat tinggi , haaa i've told you rite teachers i don't want to take part in high jumps anymore , haaaaaa then teachers says just lompat just lompat , haaa kay then i lompat laaa then lari balik , haha peaceeeee!

Dream high is so cool laa kan , you don't know what is dream high ? nahhh! come on bebeh its 2011 laa weh hahah , dream high is a coool korean drama , kay go watch later k ? every monday and tuesday 0903-1013 heee watch kay! and ayahhh i miss you so muchh :) haaaaaaaa . Whattt ? hehe today is 19 already ? damn it! mummy's birthday is coming sooooon , ohmg! haa kay from now on i have to start collecting my monehhh to buy present :) heee

Euww wait! i hate you all laaa , get it ? not you , but you! haa get a life mann! haha . Btw thanks again for following me and thank you for commenting at the shout box! me love you all :)

Peace Marissa :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Halooo! who do you think you are ? i don't wanna fight but , homaigod! are you okay ? ehh hello nobodys perfect laa weii , get it? wake up! nobodys perfect , im telling you right now , incase you forgot kan haha . Shitt laa kan , haa kay malas gaduh so so long su*ker!


Hehe kay everyone tahu harini 12/2/11 ada larian mahkota ritee ? haha thats was sooo coool! mann i swear! i was so tired and i dunno why haha and and sorry syaaa! hehe aku lari halfway je then i potong sebelahh , haha dohh penat kay , and maaas -,- haha haiyaaa so seloww kan , hee tapi best! btw justnow i met my afandi hehe kemainn! bersemangat gituuuuuu . Kay wait! wanna know something ? haaaa ? haa muka aku dah berbelang , nicee kan ? haiyaaa *kay nangis jap* dahh hehe , maigodd! haaa chillex marissa :)

Hehe sorry for didn't update my blogspot , sekolah zzz! kay on weekdays i will only online my tweeeeeter okay ? hehe and and kay thats all , i have no idea now *blankkk* haa kay bye byee hehe

Peace Marissa :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hakhak , my boiprennn! cumillz kann ? kay keep on perasan marissa HAHAH

So hello loverz!

So i have to sleep now because , homaigod! mummy dari tadi bilaa nak tidur ? did you pack your bag or not ? and i was like okay! im on my way hehe :P and and im shoo happy because tomrw my friends are coming to my house yeahoooo! jealous ? haha kay don't be jealous kay guys :)

Right now , im missing my ayah :| haa ayah i miss chuuu! kay i hate monday , wednesday , thursday! Because i have to wake up early in the morning to get ready to schoooooool -,- and i was like O.o do i have to go ? haaa to be a gooood girl ofcourse yeshhh! hikhik so me will not online on weekdays okay ? so don't chu be sad :) hukhuk * perasan je aku ni 24/7! hee okay , i think thats all for today :) bye bye goooodnight sweet dreams , dream of me tonight kay ? hukzhukz! byee love you all :)

Marissa :)


Kay , cool kann gambar ? hukhuk :) kay tmrw schoolz start already kan ? damn it! haaaaa 1 week holidays is like 1 day jeee cuti -,- kay i just had fun this holidays because my dad balik jb! hee love you ayah :) kay i just wanna go to school because

  • i wanna meet all my friends and gossiping with them all the time! but not really all the time laa kan :)
  • i wanna playyy play play! hehee cause its chooo cooolz :)

And sometimes i don't want to go to school because

  • surely all the teachers will give us homeworks -,-
  • our class is the the last last last class will keluar time balik! haaaaa thank you teacher i love it hukz -,-
Okay , but what can i do ? i have to go to school to be a very very goood good girl :) hee so i have to throw all the sikap malas kan :) btw i love my mummy , ayah , kakak , boyfriend , feriendsss and all my teachers :) kay and and imiss my friends , cant wait to see them tomolow haha kay love you all :)

Dear Followers :)

Thank you for clicking the FOLLOW button on my blog eventhough my blog is shoooo lame , burukz , boring , and whatever laa kan! hee thank you :) insyaallah i'll follow you allz back kay ? don't cry hikhik jk :)

Kay just wanna say thank you again yaaaaaaaaaa :) byee love you all hikhik

Love Me Marissaaaa :D

Saturday, February 5, 2011


*look! that girl like to eat , thats why shes fatttt! haa -,-


haaaa kay last friday is our last day with ayah :( haa ohmaigodddd , cepat gilooooo rite? kayy but we all have sho sho much funn! ayah bawak kitaorang pergi tuttu frutti :) thanks ayah , thanks mummy!

We love you both :) ayah takecare byee loveyouu :)

Love Adik xD


so you all can see a little little different in my blog rite ? okay , i was tooooo bored so syaa ask me to try to do yang kat tepi ni ada floating button , so i try laaa kan ? haaa and try try try and try haha wah bnyak nyaa try -,- so first first tak jadi , damn it! then try lagi tadaaaa! jadi , heee but but kecil kann button nyaa -,- please someonee ? teach me laa how to resize it , and how to put tumblr punya floating button jugaa , peleasee ?

Me oso do the shout box , so come on and comment me bebeh! hehe Haaa syaa , sorry tadi aku dah try buat kann but but... tak jadi dohh -,- haa sokay i'll try lagi okay! don cry hikhik , and and my background ? halaaaa i know its ugly , so ? do i care ? hahah okay i don't care at all bebeh :) kay till heree boiboi :)

* so you can click the floating button on your right side , and follow me at twitter and tumblr . You can add me up on faceboook! hee kay byee :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

kay hehe Assalamualaikum :)

hehe last wednesday ayah balik rumah with this big thinggy inside the box , haha i don't know how to describe it haha mayb its a speaker ? haha okay yeahh! hee so i was wondering what the heck is this ? hehe then atas box tu tulis guitar bag , speaker , cable , strap , haha then i was like ? O.o woowz! what is this ?


3 Minutes later*

Ayah stand infront of the door and says tadaaa! hehe and its is a guitar! an electric guitar hehe and i was like WOWOW! hehe thank you ayahh :) iloveyou hikhik bestnyaaaaaa!


Hikhik , kay yesterday we allz makan dekat malay village with pak su! huhu , kay so kewlzzz :)
yaa so lamaa nak tunggu the waitress amik order -____- zzz kay but sedap' okay okay laaaaa , haha urm actualy mulaa mula we allz nak makan at angar d&c haaaa too bad!! so full dohh , haaa so we go to hutan bandar to eat steak , but -___- haa its the fucking sameee , so ramai . So lastly we took a decision to eat at malay village , kay act that malay village pun ramai , but its okay we're all hungehry! nahhh so makan lerz :)

Then pak su chillex at our hauzzzee for a while before he go back , so he teach me how to play guitar -___- he is so teror! i mean like really! kay then then he go back , then i go online about half an hour like that laa , i can't remember but who cares ? haha Blaaa blaa blaaaa! huhuk kay thats all for yesterday, thurday :) ayah , mummy , kakak i loveeeeee you allzzzzz!

Love Marissa :)