Sunday, February 6, 2011


Kay , cool kann gambar ? hukhuk :) kay tmrw schoolz start already kan ? damn it! haaaaa 1 week holidays is like 1 day jeee cuti -,- kay i just had fun this holidays because my dad balik jb! hee love you ayah :) kay i just wanna go to school because

  • i wanna meet all my friends and gossiping with them all the time! but not really all the time laa kan :)
  • i wanna playyy play play! hehee cause its chooo cooolz :)

And sometimes i don't want to go to school because

  • surely all the teachers will give us homeworks -,-
  • our class is the the last last last class will keluar time balik! haaaaa thank you teacher i love it hukz -,-
Okay , but what can i do ? i have to go to school to be a very very goood good girl :) hee so i have to throw all the sikap malas kan :) btw i love my mummy , ayah , kakak , boyfriend , feriendsss and all my teachers :) kay and and imiss my friends , cant wait to see them tomolow haha kay love you all :)

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