Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hakhak , my boiprennn! cumillz kann ? kay keep on perasan marissa HAHAH

So hello loverz!

So i have to sleep now because , homaigod! mummy dari tadi bilaa nak tidur ? did you pack your bag or not ? and i was like okay! im on my way hehe :P and and im shoo happy because tomrw my friends are coming to my house yeahoooo! jealous ? haha kay don't be jealous kay guys :)

Right now , im missing my ayah :| haa ayah i miss chuuu! kay i hate monday , wednesday , thursday! Because i have to wake up early in the morning to get ready to schoooooool -,- and i was like O.o do i have to go ? haaa to be a gooood girl ofcourse yeshhh! hikhik so me will not online on weekdays okay ? so don't chu be sad :) hukhuk * perasan je aku ni 24/7! hee okay , i think thats all for today :) bye bye goooodnight sweet dreams , dream of me tonight kay ? hukzhukz! byee love you all :)

Marissa :)

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