Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last last and the last one!

Hello chemical kids and mechanical bride!

Haha kay coool! this is the last post of the week! hehe tadaaaa * cehh cam gempak sangat je -,- kay see you next fridahh! takecare :) and alhamdulilah , i have done all my homeworks :) haha serve you right syaaa! kauu belum siap lagi kan haha chaiyokkk! kay dah , mummy is reading the newspaper and me ? nahhh! im updating my blog , can't you see ? yaa of course you all can't see mee haha :) kayy im hungerehhh , aigoo! i have to diet laa im getting fatter , believe me :B kay byee byee and don't study hard , study smart haha * My maths teacher always say liddat , haha wanna know why ? because kalau study hard , hard nyaa kau meniru orang buat kerja sekolah kan ? Hahah if study smart , betul laa you all belajar hehe kayyy goodnight my lover!

Peace :D

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