Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello . Im Marissa , in my favourite shirt :B

Im Marissa
Im a girl , yaa ofcourse
Im Fourteen
Im shy
Im Playing the guitar
Im not into 'groupies'
Im Fat , yaa super fat!
Im not tall , yaa i wish i was a little bit taller
Im Not pretty
Im not perfect, yaa nobodys perfect
Im yours
Im a vampire , so stay away from me Haha
Im A rock girl
Im a perngerusi for red team , kadet remaja sekolah , netball and multimedia
Im a netballers from seta
Im a simple girl
Im cool
Im not clever like you
Im in C class
Im from SETA , if you all know
Im fun
Im Happy
Im sad
Im blur
Im an active person
Im wearing tudung to school
Im a good stalker , beware!

I Love Allah
I Love My mummy
I Love My ayah
I Love My kakak
I Love My Friends
I Love My Afandi
I Love My nenek
I Love My cousins
I Love My Girlfriends
I Love My boyfriends
I Love all my followers
I Love you stalker!
I Love to blogging
I Love Twitter
I Love Tumblr
I Love Facebook (sikit je)
I Love to EATTT!
I Love to play guitar
I Love to sing (in the bathroomonly)
I Love to Dance (in certain placeonly)
I Love to play netball
I Love cool stuffs
I Love the peace thinggy!
I Love Vans
I Love Myself , ofcourse
I Love to talk
I Love to annoy people around me
I Love to laugh
I Love to make new friends :)
I Love Homeworks
I Love sports
I Love to go to school
I Love Nevershoutnever
I Love Piercetheveil
I Love you!
I Love 2 pm
I Love Taecyeon
I Love to watch dream high!
I love to watch cartoon
I Love spongebob
I Love patrick
I Love squidward
I Love mr crab
I Love to do this smiley ':B'
I Love number 7
I Love my New hair
I Love tutti frutti

I Want to wear braces , please mummy ayah :|
I Want to be top 5 in the class
I Want new vans
I Want to play skateboard , but...
I Want to be a superman
I Want to be a billionaire
I Want to play Nsn songs
I Want to play Ptv songs
I Want to dance in the middle of the road
I Want to shout as loud as i can right now
I Want to sleep
I Want new clothes
I Want to be a good girl to my parents :)
I Want Monehhh! $$$$
I Want to be pretty
I Want to be slim
I Want to go to KL again
I Want kakak know how to drive
I Want to go to shopping
I Want to watch glee now!
I Want to be taller , than you!
I Want to meet ayah :|
I Want to finish up my homeworks now -,-
I Want to eat tutti frutti
I Want to rest

Okay this is me :) hehe byee

Peaceee :B

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