Saturday, February 5, 2011


so you all can see a little little different in my blog rite ? okay , i was tooooo bored so syaa ask me to try to do yang kat tepi ni ada floating button , so i try laaa kan ? haaa and try try try and try haha wah bnyak nyaa try -,- so first first tak jadi , damn it! then try lagi tadaaaa! jadi , heee but but kecil kann button nyaa -,- please someonee ? teach me laa how to resize it , and how to put tumblr punya floating button jugaa , peleasee ?

Me oso do the shout box , so come on and comment me bebeh! hehe Haaa syaa , sorry tadi aku dah try buat kann but but... tak jadi dohh -,- haa sokay i'll try lagi okay! don cry hikhik , and and my background ? halaaaa i know its ugly , so ? do i care ? hahah okay i don't care at all bebeh :) kay till heree boiboi :)

* so you can click the floating button on your right side , and follow me at twitter and tumblr . You can add me up on faceboook! hee kay byee :)

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