Friday, February 18, 2011

Talk Talk Talk!


Good Morning okay all?

heee :D doing goood ? kay this week teachers gave us so many homeworks , get it? haaa maigod! everyday ada , tak pernah tkdaa kan ? haaaaa -,- kay damn it damn it damn it! haaa wanna know why ? yaaa we all are not going to the moring session , haiyaaa why ? tell me why ? kay next yer kay , chillex! Just now , i sign in my facebook account , and haaaa friend request so banyak! kay bukan nak belagak laa kay , get it ? and i was like O.o kay i'll apprv you all later kay ? cooool! That day monday i think , nahh! i can't remember teacher ask me to do the lompat tinggi , haaa i've told you rite teachers i don't want to take part in high jumps anymore , haaaaaa then teachers says just lompat just lompat , haaa kay then i lompat laaa then lari balik , haha peaceeeee!

Dream high is so cool laa kan , you don't know what is dream high ? nahhh! come on bebeh its 2011 laa weh hahah , dream high is a coool korean drama , kay go watch later k ? every monday and tuesday 0903-1013 heee watch kay! and ayahhh i miss you so muchh :) haaaaaaaa . Whattt ? hehe today is 19 already ? damn it! mummy's birthday is coming sooooon , ohmg! haa kay from now on i have to start collecting my monehhh to buy present :) heee

Euww wait! i hate you all laaa , get it ? not you , but you! haa get a life mann! haha . Btw thanks again for following me and thank you for commenting at the shout box! me love you all :)

Peace Marissa :)

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