Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Haaa oh my oh my gawddddd , sarah haiyaaa what can i say ? oh my next year you're not in seta anymore aitee ? haaaa im gonna miss you so much friend :| you're moving to pasir gudang kan ? haaaaaaaa , after this the class is not gonna be fun anymore without your silly jokeeee , haaaa it's okay we can still hangout when its school holidays or weekends aitee ? haaa hope so laaa :)

I Hope you'll be alright there okayy babe ? haha have fun yeahh and don't ever forget us yeah :) we had a great time on the last day of school ritee ? weheee :) okay and and lastly study hard yeahh ? hehe fightingggg ! okayy i think thats all so , bye bye iloveyouu and gonna miss youuu sepetttt :)

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