Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haloooo Berooo !


Okay , what time is it now ? can i know ? haha yeahh its 4 something aiteee ? haa and mannn! haha im so so sleepy *_________* haa i don't know why , haa okay , now im bored and im listening to my favouriteee musicc right noww , hehe coooool! okay , haa so what are you guys doing ? haa okay you don't have to answer me girlss , cause i know you're sleeping ritee ? haha okayy Gooood!

Haa and tomrw is ? yaa thursday :) hehe and i don't have my guitar class , okayy thank god i can sleep and sleep and woke up around 3 o'clock mayb ? yaaa coool :) hehe okayy ,

This month is the last month of 2010 riteee ? haha , okay so fast aiteee ? and next year im Fourteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Oh my gawdd O.o haha , i can't believeee , but but haaa damnnn! im still at sesi petangggg -__________- likee , huhhh ? okayy relaxxxxx! Urm

Okay okayy , i miss my feriendss! haaa can't wait to see you girlsss hikhik :P okayy , Oh my goddd! btw can someone tell me when is the eff___ date that we all can buy our school books ? haaaaaaaa ? answer me laa :) okayy gall! hehe Kayy laa if you all know just let me know okay ASAP! hehe Thank youuu x)

Okayy good night , Sweetdream :) hehe
XOXO; Marissa '

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