Monday, December 20, 2010

Hehe okay , see that gorgeous short ? you can't see ? oh my gawddd , haha You blind already ? okayy hehe joking sorry , Peaceeeee! Heee Oh my oh my gawddd , this short is choo cooool maynnnn! haa that day me , mummy , syaa and imie went to KSL hehe yaa btw KSL is soo cooooooool! hehe you all dah pergi ? not yet ? okay you guys should go :) hee yaa back to the story , hehe i wanted to find this kind of short but , haaa sadly i can't find it damnnnnn! haa only syaa buy a dress there haha the dress is choo sweeet! hehe

Hehe okayy mum's says next week mayb we're going to singaporee! hee so mummy ckp cari kat sanaa jee , hehe oraittt mummy! hehe okayy coool :D oh my godd hee i nakk jugaa this short okayy ? hehe syaa you must help me find this gorgeous short okayy ? hee love you ;) Okay byee byee you alls :) Btw thank you for reading x)

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