Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hollllla ,

Hehe okayy hello Babes and Dudes :) Hee doing good aitee you all ? hee okay today im so effin tired mannnn ! haaa haa wanna know why girll ?

#1 haa okayy in the morning at 8 am oni i wokee up oredy , haa yes because im going to My Guitar Class .

#2 And my guitar class finished at 1230 haaaa so longggg aiteee ? haaa im so tired but im so happy hee ,

#3 i have to practice my guitar lessons every single day , haaa

#4 Im following kakak and mummy to cs againnn today , yeahh to sent her stuffs and all those things , haha

#5 we reached home about 530 huarghhhhhh so tired aiteee ? haaa hehe but before we reached home , we had our lunch at Pizza Hutt , so cooooool and so cheesyyyyyy :-* i love it ! thanks mummy :)

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