Monday, December 13, 2010


Okayy hehe hello :) suppp ? haa okayy this is my friends , oh my oh my i love you both laa babe! Hee okayy from left its aqilah :) yeahh aqilah is my old friend from Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Megah Riaa , ritee aqilah ? hee okayy okayy love you aqilah ! She is soooooo clever mann ! haa yeahh now she's in MRSM :) HEE Okay , im jealous -_____________- hehe okay and i can't believe i met her yesterday , hehe long time no see rite aqilahh ? hehe

Okay in the middle ? haha it's sarah laa you all know aitee ? hee okayy good , hehe sarah iloveyouu , hehe okayy actually aqilah is her cousin ! yeahh haha okayy firstly , i don't believe and i was like what ?! are you serious ? haha okayy now i believee :) hee okayy iloveyouu both okay ? hehe im happy to see you both yesterdayy girlsss :) boytttt !

XOXO; Marissa

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