Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aranda Country Club

my name is marissa :)

love you mummy :)

auntie janet , mummy , auntie yana , trisya and me!
get readehhh to get wet!

haha soo cute!
this is so naice :)
love both of you :)
Ally :D
wild wild wet :)

They are so ke ai :)
why so sad ? haha
sedapp nyaaaaaaa (Y)

why puzzle ? haha
motif ? hukhuk


im not pretty :|

me love you syaaaaa!


adik loves you (:

Cuteee kan ? yeahh you better say yes! hehe

Go mummy! go mummy!

Brahhh! im taller than you :P

ini sangat sedap :)

Haha kay this place is soo coool , hehe and it is just behind the wild wild wet! oh my god! i wanna go that wild wild wet :| haa too bad , we don't have much time kan , haizzzzzzz , kay whatever it is enjoyy!

more pictures ?
go to then search marina roselee
hehe thank you :)

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