Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Kay hehe today me , mummy and syaaa went to cs -,- kay i know krooohhh everyonee , haha kay we went to watch mooovie , kay firts we watch big momma's haha okay coool laaa , kelakar hikhik :) then we moved on to im am number four , haha walauwehhh! me loikeee!!! so handsome/coool/pretty/handsome/handsome/handsome hahaha :) okay thank you mummy me love you ,

Then we go eat pizzzzza hut! hha yeah asyik asyik pizza hut ? who cares sedap jee aku tengok haha thank you again and i love you mummy :) muahhhh

* and i will upload our pictures later kay ? sebab this internet macam baik sangat jee malam ni kann , hehe #giveaclap :) haha kay wait haaaa ? besok kot ? don't cry hehe kay byee thank you for reading :)

Love me Marissaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

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