Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello , im currentlyt at singapore hehe :) kinda bored cause syaa takdaa kann -,- its okay monday she'll be back! hehe takecareeee, kay takutnyaa exams dah nak dekat -,- haaa i have to do maths revisionnnn! but what date is the exams haaa ? okay later i will study :) hehe wait this monday cuti ritee ? hee kay i have to study :) hehe

Folio Sejarah ? Folio Geografi ? what the ? haaaaaaaaa walauuu banyakk laaa -,- haa mayb aftahh exams i buat kot hehe kay :) later me and mummy wanna go bugis jalan jalan :P hihi okay laa byee byee takecaree :) hehe see ya later <3

Me :)

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