Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trendy Trend

Haa i wanna share with you something okay , hehe let's just start , hehe last thursday my Art teacher teach us how to do the tag name tau , then when the first time i do the tag name , yeahh so burukk euww! haha then i try and try hehe then okayyy laaaa , hehe but not all yang i buat , ada yang my friend buat hehe :) So this tag name have became so trendy trend in my schoool , everywhere i go haha semua tgh buat benda alahh ni and i was likee wauuuuuuuuu!!! eventhough dalam class pun when the teacher tengah ajar diaorang bauat this tag name , hehe kay wanna see the results ? haa wait haa not so pretty laa but for me so coool hehe :P

yang mummy tu i yang buat :P

*hehe i bet everybody knows how to do this kan ? hehe

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