Sunday, March 20, 2011


The date 27 always remain special to me

Im going to be 14th , yes finally marissa gonna be fourteen! get ready :) hehe im no more a little girl , but i don't want to grow up so fast too . Thank god for my family , my mummy ayah and kakak who is always always always there for me bila i sedih , happy , takut , nak nangis , ketawa and i am also glad to have friends like Delvin , Athirah , Aqilah , Sheena , Anitha , Aufa :) after this i promise to mummy and ayah , i will study hard hard and hard :) and me also want new clothes , new watch , new vans , new shorts and all those things laa kan ? haa and i will practice my guitar after this kay ? and now i really really scare sebab besok , haa nak dapat results :( ya allah minta minta aku dapat keputusan yang cemerlang :) And mummy ayah adik wants to wear braces kay ? hee :B

Right after this i wanna pack all my things and my bag , haa yeah i have to change my mood to SCHOOL Moood -,- haaa damn it! i don't want uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , khabis . I just wanna say that please laa i know what am i wearing , what am i doing okay ? semua my mummy and my dad tahu kay ? insyaallah kalau allah bukakan hati aku untuk pakai tudung kan , insyallah aku akan pakai , jangan laa nak paksa paksa aku kay ? dahh peace! thank you for siapa yang support i :) kay done about this , and im still searching for that U jacket laa wehh? please laa , help me hehe ,

And i really really wanna go flea market laa mummy! i wanna go there with #mummy #syaa #kak mia #kak kiss and #Nenek , haa mesti best , kay when is our next school holidays ? hehe can't wait mann! okay ayah we miss you a lot lot lot like a LOT! do takecare of your self , we all love you :) and i want a new watch for my birthday okay mummy ? can or not ? plishhh! me so sleepy laa , haa and me totally wanna be friends will everyone! like really everyone okay ? hehe peace!!! so come on bebehh :) hehe btw i dah jarang online facebook kay ? enything twitter laa bro baru coool ;)

I think till here okay ? i have to go laa , yeahh :) so do take care guys! see ya on weekends kay , mummy ayah kakak adik loves you so much much like MUCH! hehe have a nice day tomorrow , finish up all your homeworks and gooodluck for your results guys , hehe chill , kay pray for me kay ? byee love you all , thank you for reading and thank you for following my blog :) Cheers babes and dude :)

Love Marissa

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