Saturday, March 26, 2011


This week im so happy , yeahh hehe wanna know why ? on monday when i came to school my friends dello , athirah , sheena , keeva , anitha hazmirah cakap nak celebrate birthday keeva on friday then i was like okay , whatevr haha okay then bilaa dah friday semua macam gopoh gapahh haha , then me asked them why why ? hehe semua cakap nak pergi toilet then i dah teman then cakap nak pergi class tertinggal homework hehe then athirah's go to my class then asked me to follow then SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! hahah and i was like O.o walauuu thank you so muck girlfriends me love you laa wehh! hehee btw thank you aisyah hehe for the present :) hehe that so sweet of you all laa and thak you for the cake me love! hahah

Iloveyouallsomuchhh okay ? hehe yeahh we don't take pictures because yealoo schoool time kan ? mana boleh hhee btw im so happpy laaa hehe thank you again and again for the surprise birthday partyyyy :) hehe

Love me :) Marissa

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