Sunday, March 27, 2011

Assalamualaikum Semua :)

Firstly i wanna say thank you for all the wishes and thank you for the birthday presents okay ? hehe me love you all! Mummy ayah kakak adik loves you kay :) hehe as you all know tomorrow is monday and i have monday , wait everyone hate monday isn't it ? haha Yeah homeworks aku belum sentuh lagi macam mana ni ? Chill aftahh this i will do all my homeworks kay ? wink wink ;) This week im so happy laa , hehe im so happy because i get that watch hehe not one , but two! alhamdulilah :) thanks mummy ayah kakak :) mum's says when dia kat kedai tu dia macam rambang mata gituu hehe , so dia beli laa :P kay habis!

I Promised i will study hard , study hard for my maths exams nanti :) hehe kay see you all on weekends yeahh ? hehe and besok ada latihan rumah sukan ? haa , im tired laaa do you understand ? im tired , TIREDDD! haaaa , ehh wait what is the latest songs haaa ? hehe boring laa , hehe kay i think till here for this week , byee takecaree guys! iloveyouu , thank you for reading hehe chiowwwww

Love Marissa (:

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