Saturday, April 2, 2011

15 Reasons

15 Reasons that will make you know that your boyfriend has stop loving you .

#1 He used to text you everyday , but now its only when he wants too

#2 He used to be on the phone , but now he got no time at all . Like seriously ?

#3 He used to have all the time for you , but now he always busy studying kottt HAHAHAH whatever

#4 He used to reply your text message in words but now only in alphabets this is so so true , likeee K Liddat , kalau gitu aku pun boleh!

#5 He used to say iloveyou , but now he never dhoo!

#6 He used to get every chance to see you , but now he rather go out with his ' FRIENDS ' -,-

#7 He rather skype with his 'FRIENDS' than with you , Hahah so true laa

#8 He rather IM you than walling thank you , kenapaa eh ? #PERSOALAN?!

#9 He used to like you with short hair , and now he likes you betterwith long hair , CRAPPP seh!

#10 He used to reply immediately and now , its two days after , Maigoddd do the TETTTT!

#11 He doesn't even TRY to see you but he got no problem watching movies with his 'FRIENDS' Fuck laaa wehh!

#12 He used to care but now he doesn't give a shit! -,- zzzz

#13 He used to be you're everything but now you just don't even know him

#14 He used to makes thing beter but now he doesn't even TRY

#15 He used to care if you don't text him , but now dia pun bunt DANG jee sehh , tah pape -,-

Well this is what happen to me , i don't give shit anymore .
Kay whatever laa kan , malas nak layan HAHAH

Kay boboi!

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  1. thumbs up marissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Sumpah this is so trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !